FOREWORD by Paul Alford, President, Toccoa Falls College, September 3, 1991:

This book is the story of a dedicated, determined missionary couple who spent a lifetime winning people to Jesus Christ and discipling them into producing Christians.

In this book you will gain insight into the struggles, heartaches, loneliness, joys and victories of missionary life as graphically portrayed by a missionary wife and mother. And you will catch a glimpse of the culture of the gentle, beautiful Thai people and their land.

Probably the most intriguing part of this account is the dogged determination that is so clearly revealed. Dogged determination enabled Corrine Sahlberg to overcome many obstacles when God called her to serve Him in Thailand. Dogged determination allowed her to learn a most difficult tonal language.

It was dogged determination coupled with evident love for God and for the Thai people that carried them through even the most difficult circumstances.

It is with real pleasure that I commend PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR to you.

( PLEASE LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR is the fifth book in the Missionary Biography series printed by CHRISTIAN PUBLICATIONS, 3825 Hartzdale Drive Camp Hill, PA 17011 )

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